Saturday, August 27, 2016


Back in the business.... 

... I realized that the world is full of guidance with regards to overcoming addictions and emotional eating. 
However, I am wondering how big the global community of "Recoverees" is. How does your road of recovery look like so far? Straight and paved - or covered with stones? 

Are there questions that need to be answered? Is there something we need to share with the world? Can we help each other? 

I am not apologizing for my spelling. I gave up my perfectionism along with any emotional eating and I will not block my creativity with thoughts about layouts and fonts. 

This will be direct and pure. 

So, if you are struggeling while you are on this road to recovery, let me know by mail and I will take up your topic and learn something out of it. 

- Some thoughts about my personal road coming soon....

Yours, Carina 

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